2011 AEE Energy Engineer of the Year

Dr Leonard Chow is a major contributor to the field of energy engineering in Hong Kong, which has some of the most efficient and progressive buildings in the world.

He has been practicing as a consulting energy engineer for 27 years. He is a chartered engineer in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong. He has achieved and retains, his CEM, CBCP, CIAQP, CAP, CEA and CSDP certifications from AEE. Also a major AEE contributor, Leonard has brought 16 courses to Hong Kong since 2006, including CEM, CIAQP and CAP, and has been instrumental in bringing AEE training to over 250 professionals.

His consulting services span more than 160 buildings and his efforts have resulted in savings of up to $4 million each year. Recorded and/or recommended annual savings for all projects will be about $4 million per year. The total annual carbon emission reduction is about 26,000 tonnes CO2 equivalent per year.

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