Members of the Association are nominated on a number of advisory boards and committees of the Government and public bodies to provide views on various issues in the field of energy engineering.

HKAEE's Nominations for External Boards/Committees

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department - Mandatory Implementation of Building Energy Code (MBEC)
  • Task Force: Ir Eric Lau
  • Lighting Working Group: Mr. HW YU
  • Air-conditioning Working Group: Ir Eric Lau
  • Lift Working Group: Ir Ringo Shea
  • Performance Based Working Group: Ms. Julie Wong
  • Energy Audit Working Group: Ir Colin Chung

Environment Bureau - Energy Efficiency and Conservation and Renewable Energy Sub-committee (EE&C+RE Sub-committee) under the Energy Advisory Committee (EnAC)
  • Co-opted Member: Ir Ho Sai King

Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme
Energy Efficiency (Labelling of Products) Ordinance, Cap 598
New Calculation Methods of Energy Efficiency Grading

To further enhance energy efficiency and promote the use of energy efficient appliances in Hong Kong, the calculation methods of the energy efficiency grading on energy labels of room air conditioners, refrigerating appliances and washing machines have been revised in the Code of Practice on Energy Labelling of Products 2014 (CoP 2014), which was published in the gazette on 31 October 2014. On or before 25 November 2015, the energy efficiency grading that is to be shown on the energy labels of the above three prescribed products supplied by importers is the energy efficiency grading calculated in accordance with the new calculation method. The CoP 2014 can be donwloaded at EMSD's Energy Label Net website - http://www.energylabel.emsd.gov.hk.

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Good Practice for External Lighting Installations

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